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Sep 1998 - Dec 2001
Client/Application: - Various/Telecoms - Billing

Head of Bespoke Development responsible for the business planning and strategic growth of the division. Nature of work required a combination of defined processes with a dynamic and pragmatic solutions approach to satisfying businesses needs. Developments were often required within extremely short timescales and required innovative solutions including H/W assessment, resource management & initial support of developments to clients.

Grew division of development staff from 40 to 95 in 15 months to meet growth needs of the business while maintaining utilisation targets. Included responsibility for mentoring direct reports and overall appraisals, training and resource allocation across the division. Also managed start-up development centre in India to meet expanding requirements.

Following merger and re-organisation with Telesens AG assisted R&D with the 3G Software developments. Appointed R&D Operations Manager following formation of new R&D Directorate. Co-ordinated activities of staff in various countries across Europe, to consolidate the distributed development efforts and produce concise overall picture for directing operations.

Jul 1992 - Sep 1998
Client/Applications: - Internal/Combat Management Systems

Responsible for career development and project assignments of mid to senior staff including management of the training budget/needs, recruitment of permanent /contractor staff, and led a team of 4 in resourcing of 160+ staff. Subsequently appointed Divisional Resource Manager and grew the division to 240 staff to support a number of large and small projects. Role covered Recruitment, Training, Career Development, Manpower Planning and Accommodation. Division subsequently grew by 60 staff in 18 months, through a strong mix of graduate and experienced recruits.

Then appointed Resource Manager for over 550 Staff across 4 locations. This covered the setting of budgets and strategy for overall resourcing. With a high technology content and an IT dominated development business, it relied on close attention to manpower planning to use the resources effectively and ensuring training needs where identified. This was achieved with low attrition, a small contractor base and recruitment of high quality staff.
SEMA Group

Sep 1990 - Jul 1992
Client/Applications: -MPC/Billing Customer Service System

Assisted in development of an strategic statement, through to the production of an SSADM Logical & Physical Design. Led team benchmarking and selecting H/W platforms. Subsequently appointed Stage Manager for part of the Logical Design using SSADM version 3/4, and was responsible for the logical data model, HCI strategy and prototyping.

Led System Design team (7 senior designers), in producing a generic software framework to support the application software and systems architecture. This provided a means of managing very large distributed databases.